Auvela Skincare Cream Introduces Special Online Prices

Auvela, the natural skincare cream that promotes youthful skin is now available online at special prices and discounts

A few hours ago, manufacturers of Auvela – the natural cream the wishes to help both men and women obtain youthful skin through natural ingredients only – announced that there are special prices and packages available on the official website.

Auvela Cream is a 100% natural skincare product that wishes to promote healthy skin and combat the detrimental effects of toxins and pollution, therefore keeping the skin hydrated and healthy.

For more information, visit the official Auvela Skincare Cream website

Auvela Cream – Naturally beautiful skin

Manufacturers wish to emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle when wishing to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Therefore, eating healthy foods (plenty of vegetables and fruits), drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep during the night are mandatory. Besides this, using a natural cream such as Auvela is considered to be an important step, as the natural ingredients found within the formula aim to:

  • Keep the skin hydrated
  • Increase elasticity by boosting collagen levels
  • Decrease wrinkles and prevent their appearance

Auvela Skincare system features the following elements:

Phytoceramides – the ceramides create a protective layer that limit moisture loss and protect the skin against pollution

Anti-aging moisturizing cream – created for daily use, this cream aims to combat the harsh effects of pollution and all other external factors by preventing dryness

Anti-wrinkle complex – targets wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes; increases collagen and elastin levels

Eye Cream – the emollient helps counter moisture loss, puffiness and wrinkles; the non-greasy formula promotes softer and healthier skin

Auvela Skincare Cream – Special prices available online

Manufacturers wish to encourage individuals to take care of their skin by releasing special packages available at discounted prices, as follows:

  • The Complete 4-Step Signature Package – contains the anti-wrinkle complex, anti-aging moisturizing cream, rejuvenating cream and phytoceramids – 40% OFF – $39.95 per step
  • Premium Package – contains the anti-aging moisturizing cream, rejuvenating cream and phytoceramids – 30% OFF – $44.95 per step
  • Introductory Package – contains the anti-aging moisturizing cream – $64.90

*Auvela Advanced Skin care is based on a 100% natural formula and is not meant to treat a skin condition. Best results are obtained when Auvela is also accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Read the product’s label before usage.