BioPro announces the new NutraLyte System pack – available now

NutraLyte pack contains four different products to help dieters reach the ideal weight in a safe and healthy manner

BioPro announces the launch of the combo solution that addresses healthy slimming efforts, in a box that contains four dietary supplements designed to boost dieting and weight-management.

NutraLyte System promotes decreasing of adipose tissue, toxins elimination, metabolism boost and gain of extra amounts of energy in a specially designed pack that is currently available for sale.

By combining the benefits of Pure Cambogia Ultra, Pure Green Coffee Extract, Acai Ultra Lean and Yacon Pure Slim, the new NutraLyte System created by BioPro box provides dieters a complete solution for maximizing their healthy slimming efforts and support the health of their entire body.

The natural ingredients in all four supplements encourage proper nutrients intake, while cleansing the digestive system and improving energy levels and immunity system.

For further information please visit BioPro NutraLyte official website.

About NutraLyte System box

BioPro packed together the most popular dietary supplements on the market to enable the maximum weight-loss and health benefits for its customers, as follows:

  • Pure Cambogia Ultra, for a firmer body, a higher metabolic rate, less fat deposits, bad cholesterol and more energy
  • Pure Green Coffee Extract, with active chlorogenic acid to as well boost metabolism, fight diabetes and reduce dietary and liver fat accumulation
  • Acai Ultra Lean, the natural Acai berry extract that supports the immune system, reduces fatigue, flushes out toxins and prevents the forming of new adipose tissue
  • Yacon Pure Slim – obtained from the Yacon plant, known to boost energy, improve metabolism and cleansing the colon.

NutraLyte System box contains vegan friendly products, formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients, carefully manufactured in a GMP Certified Laboratory. The dietary supplements in NutraLyte System pack dare free of any binders, fillers or chemical additives. Dieters are advised to ask for a doctor’s recommendation before using the products. For best of results, make sure you follow a healthy and regular diet and exercise plan.

For more information about the new NutraLyte System pack please visit the official website.