FollicleRx – Follicle Rx Natural Thinning Hair Treatment

BioTrim recorded massive success with Follicle Rx, a natural treatment for thinning hair and hair-loss; special discounts available online

Follicle Rx is a thinning hair treatment, with no side effects and formulated with only natural ingredients. The product has no side effects and treats hair loss starting from the main cause: the follicle. It aims to give the hair its youth back, bringing your confidence levels back on track.

FollicleRx boosts and strengthens hair growth, due to the fact that it contains vitamins and minerals that have been specifically selected to improve the health of the hair.

BioTrim has made it its goal to formulate a natural treatment that would treat hair loss, thinning hair and damaged follicles and deliver only the best possible results. Moreover, the results start to show from week one when added to the daily diet.

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Follicle Rx Thinning Hair Treatment Review

More than 50% of men worldwide consider that there is no effective treatment to treat hair loss. With this in mind, BioTrim decided to prove them wrong, and created a natural, side effects free pill that has improved hair growth in 85% cases of men who tried it.

Specialists have discovered that the following mix of ingredients works best, and included it into Follicle Rx: horsetail, Biotin (vitamin H), vitamin B5, and a complex matrix of polysaccharides of the marine life. Together, they bring benefit that last, such as:

  • Strengthen the hair follicles and the growth of the hair at cellular level
  • Improve the shine and the texture of the hair
  • Repair the follicles from inside out, favoring the growth of new hair

More than that, Follicle Rx does not bring benefits to hair alone. The product also improves the health of the nails, making them stronger and healthier. The product is 100% natural, contains no artificial additives and is side effects free, with results that show from week 1.

Including Follicle Rx into the daily diet, results are maximized and thinning hair becomes a problem of the past.

Follicle Rx Special Discounts

FollicleRx has registered a tremendous success worldwide, pushing the manufacturer to launch special offers available online. Men who suffer from hair loss and thinning hair can finally put a stop to it and regain their confidence. Clients who order today benefit from discounts that can go up to 40%, as follows:

  • The Starter Pack – Revitalize your hair with 100% natural ingredients and get free shipping – only $57
  • The Complete Pack – Get the 5-month supply with 40% off and free shipping – only $31
  • The Limited Pack – Get the 3-month supply with 30% off and free shipping – only $37

*The offer is available for a limited period of time only, as stocks are limited. All offers benefit from free delivery.