GuardTech Alarm India introduces new stock at special discounts


Due to the high demand on the Indian market, a new stock of self-defense alarms is available from GuardTech Alarm, only this time people can benefit from special discounts.

Numerous people fall victims to attackers and burglars on the streets on a daily basis and the bad news is that these numbers are constantly increasing by the day. There are multiple causes of why this happens and some examples are the difficult economic times we are living in, the lack of a stable job that most attackers have to deal with and, sometimes, the medical problems some attackers suffer from.

In order to avoid such unfortunate events from occurring in your life, it is best to be prepared for every possible scenario. There are various self-defense tools available on the market and the most popular choices are pepper spray and mace. However, the only time people get to use these tools is when the attacker is closer to them than necessary. A personal alarm, such as the one promoted by GuardTech, is a much safer method to make potential attackers go away.


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GuardTech Alarm: main characteristics and benefits

What makes this alarm a good self-defense tool against street attackers is that it makes a lot of noise and most attackers run away the moment they feel they can get exposed and eventually caught by the police. The GuardTech Alarm is designed to emit a very loud panic sound that can reach up to 130 dB, which will automatically draw the attention of every person in the region.

Also, the device is user-friendly and easy to use. In order to activate and deactivate the alarm, you have to pull the pin and, respectively, plug it back into the device. The alarm will emit the sound for about half an hour unless you decide to stop it in the meantime.

GuardTech Alarm is a lightweight device that only weights several grams. Additionally, it is designed as a keychain and can be easily attached to the keys, the bag, your jeans or wherever you want, as long as you have quick access to it.

GuardTech Alarm and the special discounts

GuardTech has listened to the India residents’ needs and decided to refill its stock. For a limited period only, people interested in purchasing a personal alarm can benefit from special discounts and some examples are as follows:

  • Buy 1, get 1 FREE – for which you have to pay ₹2,595 (50% discount)
  • Buy 2, get 3 FREE (The Popular Deal) – for the price of ₹5,195
  • Buy 3, get 7 FREE (The Best Deal) – for the price of ₹7,795
  • Buy 5, get 15 FREE (The Community Deal) – for the price of ₹12,995

Besides these special offers, customers can benefit from even more discounts. Every once in a while, they get the chance to participate in a free spin-and-win wheel, which brings them extra discounts of 10 or 20% available for 5 minutes.

**These are some limited-time offers and stocks may run out quickly. Also remember that in case of an unfortunate event, the alarm will not call the police on your behalf. The intensity of the sound might vary depending on noise, surrounding buildings, and other environmental factors. For best results, carry the alarm with you all the time.