HushSocks Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks Now on Sale in Australia

HushSocks, the anti-fatigue compression socks are now available at special prices for Australia residents via the official website

MELBOURNE – Today, manufacturers of HushSocks – the anti-odor and anti-static socks that provide all day relief for the feet – shared the news that the unisex anti-fatigue compression socks are officially available on the HushSocks website at special prices, while individuals also benefit from free shipping.

The innovative socks wish to bring relief to a very common issue people struggle with: plantar fasciitis. Spending a lot of time standing up, walking in uncomfortable shoes and wearing heels can all be factors that may lead to pain, fatigue and discomfort while walking. With this in mind, manufacturers of HushSocks encourage individuals to wear more comfortable shoes, spend less time standing up and wear heels less, while also highlighting the benefits of the unisex breathable fabric socks.

Further information can be found on the official HushSocks website

HushSocks Australia Promotes Comfort and Health of the Feet

The manufacturers of HushSocks are not strangers to feet problems, as everyone as experienced at least once feet pain, swelling and discomfort. However, for those who spend a lot of time traveling, working on their feet or walking long distances on their way home, pain, swelling and discomfort can occur more often.

Carefully designed and manufactured, HushSocks wish to provide support, comfort and relief without compromising one’s mobility. Even more, the socks are form fitting, lightweight and help maintain joint stability regardless of one’s size or activity. They can be worn with sandals, shoes, boots, slippers and even under socks.

Manufacturers also highlight the importance of maintaining the health of the feet by arguing the main benefit of HushSocks: they are anti-odor and anti-static, which may stop the growth of bacteria and fungi while keeping the feet dry.

More benefits of HushSocks may also include:

  • Bring relief in symptoms of plantar fasciitis
  • Massage and support feet, therefore reducing heel discomfort
  • Boost circulation and reduce inflammation
  • Keep feet cool and dry
  • Fit all members of the family due to the unisex size

HushSocks are also available in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, United Kingdom and more.

HushSocks Australia Special Online Price Offer

Manufacturers announced that HushSocks are currently available at massive discounts on the official website, with all orders benefiting from free shipping, as follows:

– Buy 5 HushSocks Pairs, Get 4 pairs for freeA$124.75
– Buy 4 HushSocks Pairs, Get 2 pairs for freeA$99.80
– Buy 3 HushSocks Pairs, Get 1 pair for freeA$74.85
– Buy 2 HushSocks Pairs – A$49.90
– Buy 1 HushSocks Pair – A$31.95

*HushSocks aim to support and bring comfort and come in unisex size. Maximum results are obtained when individuals also take into consideration wearing heels less often, wearing more qualitative shoes and maintain a correct hygiene. Free shipping is available for all online orders.
The product is also available for residents of Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, United Kingdom and more.