Octa Air by Smart TV123 Antenna is Now Available at Massive Discounts

Due to the high market demand for an indoor TV antenna, SmartTV123 decided to release Octa Air at special prices available online

This spring brings new entertainment possibilities as SmartTV123 has just announced massive discounts on its recently released product, the indoor antenna designed using military technology to be durable, powerful and razor thin.

Octa Air can be mounted anywhere in your house, whether it’s behind your TV, under cabinets or on the window. Even more, you can use the included stand in order to securely display it.

The space-saving gadget will allow you to get access to hundreds of free local television programs with a simple setup. It has up to 50 km range, supports 1080p HDTV and is compatible with HD receiver boxes, PC computers and laptops.

For more details, visit the Official SmartTV123 Octa Air Website

Smart TV Octa Air Online Offer and Special Packages

SmartTV123 announced that Octa Air Antenna is available online at special offers for a limited time only.

Customers who place the order today receive the Octa Air Antenna by SmartTV123 at a special, discounted price and benefit from free shipping.

The Octa Air Antenna is available online at the following discount offers:

5 Octa Air Indoor Antennas – 50% OFF (for only $23.65 per unit) – $118.23 per package
4 Octa Air Indoor Antennas – 40% OFF (for only $24.75 per unit) – $98.98 per package
3 Octa Air Indoor Antennas – 30% OFF (for only $27.50 per unit) – $82.49 per package
2 Octa Air Indoor Antennas – 20% OFF (for only $32.99 per unit) – $65.99 per package
1 Octa Air Indoor Antennas – only pay $42.95

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The Octa Air Antenna aims to provide many possibilities when it comes to entertainment, allowing you to watch your favorite shows, movies, and news whenever you want. Even more, the device is thin, with a discrete design and can be easily mounted anywhere you want.

*Reception in all conditions is not guaranteed. Crystal-clear reception depends on factors such as: the distance from a broadcast tower, terrain, surroundings and other environmental factors.