Pure Natural Forskolin Slim new summer discounts

As announced by the manufacturer, this summer’s special sales guarantee customers a free bottle of Forskolin Slim

The 100% natural weight management solution including Forskolin Root Extract is currently back in stock and available for customers worldwide, as announced by the manufacturer.

Current offer

In response to the growing market demand, the summer offer for Pure Natural Forskolin Slim assists customers in ordering the free bottle trial for this product.

For the following period, the new Forskolin promotional program guarantees a free bottle of Forskolin Slim for customers ordering online.

Shipping Policy

According to the official website, international orders can take up to 5-8 business days. Shipping is guaranteed by insurance. Additional orders for Forskolin Slim are secured with the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee return policy.

*For more information on significant discount prices and packages, please visit the Forskolin official website. The prices of the sale apply for the on-line acquisitions only. As announced by the manufacturer, the stock for the promotional offer is limited.

Natural Forskolin Extract – the pure extract promoting weight management natural solutions

Forskolin the active substance in the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant belonging to the mint family is known to help boost weight management efforts of both men and women, for a body that naturally regains its fit shape.

Besides assisting the attaining of a balanced body mass index, Forskolin also:

  • prevents future deposits of adipose tissue
  • helps building muscle mass
  • enhances metabolism

The Coleus forskohlii extract

The Coleus forskohlii plant roots extract called forskolin has been used from ancient times as a body tonic and an alleviating remedy for different diseases in the Indian, Brazilian and Ayurvedic traditional medicine.

Besides its health booster properties, the forksolin extract is a valuable tool when it comes to weight related problems, by changing the way the body manages fats deposits and toxins. By intensifying metabolism, the forskolin cure can lead to growth of lean muscle mass due to unlock of naturally occurring body potential. When taking Pure Natural Forskolin Slim, the body will more efficiently burn extra-calories and gain extra-energy at the same time.

The natural, energy-boosting extract in Pure Natural Forskolin Slim contains 20% pure forskolin extract for the best of results, with no unwanted side-effects.


  • 250 mg of Natural Forskolin Root Extract
  • 20% Pure Forskolin

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