Sit and stand all day in comfort with Accusoles, now in the USA at special prices

Getting a foot massage and ultimate comfort for your feet does not have to come only at a high price or after undergoing pricey, long term procedures.

The Accusoles are available now in the US with the most unexpected discounts.

Say goodbye to tired and aching feet and start feeling the difference today with the incredible, magnetic insoles, Accusoles, that stimulate key pressure points on your feet.
Basically, these magnetic insoles act as a natural and effortless way to therapeutically massage the soles of your feet while you are walking.

Accusoles discount offers packages:
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How can you bring vitality and comfort to your tired and aching feet?

The Accusoles offer you ultimate comfort and stability by retaining their shape and softness no matter what you put them through.

They offer ultimate breathability and are made with moisture-wicking materials that let your feet breath freely throughout the whole day.
But the main attraction of the Accusoles is that they also offer an amazing massage they give to the reflexology points through their magnets and raised nodes.

How do the reflexology points stimulants in the Accusoles work?

  • Ionized magnetic copper reflexology points stimulate and massage the soles of your feet while you walk
  • They soothe your feet, and relax blood vessels, to increase the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to your body while carrying away toxins.
  • They decrease lumbar strain, and restore energy to your backbone.
  • Their strategically-placed magnets and raised nodes stimulate reflexology points, alleviating mild to moderate foot discomfort, rejuvenating the entire body
  • After using them for several days in a row you’ll experience better blood circulation but also a significant decrease in muscular aches and pains while walking long distances
  • You prevent the appearance of toe nail fungus, dermatitis and verruca that are usually caused by excess moisture in the foot area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that these insoles are great at keeping feet cool and dry thanks to the hundreds of air vents incorporated in the design.
  • And, last but not least, the insoles easily fit all of our shoes, regardless of what we were wearing, which is definitely a big plus.

Leaving the most spectacular result last, you’ll be able to witness a reduction in your joint pain and even plantar fasciitis in only two weeks tops!

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