Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester Ended in Explosions and Death

Terrorism was suspected after an explosion took place while Ariana Grande was ending her show in Manchester.

The explosion seemed to be a suicide bombing and killed 22 people, wounded 59 others and left the singer completely broken.

Panic soon took over the crowd as the blast shook the entire building, right when the show was coming to an end and pink balloons, Ms. Grande’s signature, were dropping from the rafters.

The arena was full of teenagers and children who soon got separated from their parents due to the increase level of panic. The entire scene looked as if it was taken out from a horror movie. This tragic event appears to be one of the deadliest acts of terrorism that have ever taken place in Britain since the 2005 London transit bombings.

Manchester’s chief constable, Ian Hopkins, mentioned that the police discovered that the explosion took place around 10:33 p.m. Unfortunately, children were the ones who got killed, and all the wounded persons were taken to eight hospitals so that everyone could benefit from the fastest care possible.

Apparently, the man responsible for the attack detonated “an improvised explosive device” and died in the blast. The police believes that the man acted on his own, without any help. However, they are trying to determine whether or not he was part of a bigger network.

Moreover, the police is investigating some reports that says that the device had used bolts and nuts as shrapnel.

The scene in Manchester immediately evoked the terrorist attack that took place during the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, November 2015. The only difference is that during Ariana’s Grande concert, the arena was filled with young teenagers.

“This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until the police know otherwise,” the Manchester police said

Prime Minister Theresa May shared her thoughts, saying that she is thinking about the victims and families in “what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack.”

Apparently, the explosion took place in the foyer of the arena, which is the force that protects the Manchester Victoria train station. The terminal was evacuated immediately.

Gary Walker was at the show with her wife and two daughters and said that he “heard a massive bang and saw a flash” right at the end of the show. He looked around and realized his wife was hurt. When he looked around, he noticed “metal nuts on the floor”.

Ariana Grande was not hurt during the blast, but was deeply affected by this terrible. She posted on Twitter and shared her support, mentioning that she is deeply broken and sorry for what happened.