Spain introduced paid menstrual leave

Spain adopted yesterday the menstrual leave, becoming the first country in Europe to do so. The. country’s parliament also passed legislation on Thursday regarding transgender rights, stating that anyone aged over 16 will be able to change their legally registered gender without medical supervision.

“This law recognizes the right of trans people to self-determine their gender identity, it depathologizes trans people. Trans people are not sick people, they are just people,” the Spanish Equality Minister, Irene Montero said.

Besides, another bill stipulating the right to have an abortion in a state hospital, currently, as per reports, about 80% of termination procedures are made in private clinics. Spain widely seen as a European leader in women’s rights, had decriminalised abortion in 1985.  Also, menstrual products will be offered for free in schools and prisons, while free hormonal contraceptives, as well as the morning after pill at state-run health centers.

The menstrual leave allows women who menstruate to take time off from work during their menstrual cycle if they are experiencing severe menstrual symptoms, such as cramps, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. As per the Spanish Gynaecological and Obstetric Society, a third of women experience dysmenorrhoea, or painful menstruation. Minister Montero posted on Twitter ahead of the vote “historic day for advancing feminist rights.”