Austin Bombing Series: Suspect Commits Suicide Through Explosive Device

The series of small-scale bombings might come to an end as the suspect has committed suicide by using an explosive device, authorities say

According to the authorities, the attacks that set Austin on panic mode appear to be related. The first took place on March 2, when a package killed Anthony Stephan after exploding on his house’s front porch. Even though, at first, it was believed to be an incident, the following events proved that it was not.

On March 12, the family of 17-year-old Draylen Mason went through the tragedy of their life after another package exploded, killing Draylen and severly injuring his mother. Just a few hours later and only a few miles away, a very similar bomb injured 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera.

Since March 18, two other explosions have shaken the community.

However, the most recent event has drawn the authorities’ attention, as a suspect in the series of bombings killed himself inside his personal car by using an explosive device.

The bombings took the lives of two people and left the capital of Texas terrorized and panicked for at least 19 days.

Since the attacks first started on March 2, authorities have been searching for clues and labeled the events the work of a “serial killer” who changed tactics.

“It’s been a long almost three weeks,” Austin police chief Brian Manley said.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant, as authorities are not yet sure if the suspect who killed himself is the actual doer of the attacks. Even more, there is still a possibility of other packages still being present in different location, which is why the community needs to pay extra attention to everything they see, and report any suspicious activity or objects around their houses.