Brave Woman Jumps on Top of Her Car to Stop Carjacking

Melissa Smith, resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, jumps on the hood of her car to stop a thief who wanted to steal her car while at a gas station

The woman was filling her car’s tank at the gas station when suddenly, a thief jumps inside her car and drifts away. The woman’s instincts were strong: she immediately jumped on the hood of her car in order to stop the carjacking.

Her message was straightforward: “I’m not dealing with this sort of thing today!”. After turning on the windshield wipers and attempting to slam the brakes several times, the thief found himself forced to give up and get out of the car. Melissa immediately jumped off, got inside the car and stopped the vehicle.

The thief ran straight into a black car which was waiting for him to drift away with Melissa’s vehicle and soon drifted away from the gas station.

When asked what it felt like to be face to face through a windshield with the this, Melissa said: “I was screaming at him. I pounded on the windshield a couple times. He, in turn, laughed at me…tried throwing me off, and continued to laugh at me.”

All in all, Melissa got the last laugh. At the same time, she admitted that her actions were not safe, but added that she simply could not “tolerate that sort of behavior”.

After the incident, Melissa called his fiancé, who could not believe what just happened.

“He wasn’t too thrilled with my decision, but is very glad that I am safe,” she said.

The police is investigating the case as everything was caught on camera. Carjacking is something that, unfortunately, people face every single day. However, there are rare cases, when people like Melissa decide to take action and put an end to it. A lot of people called Melissa crazy (in a good way) due to her courage of throwing herself on the hood of the car. There are also videos of the entire act all over the internet, and all of them have gone viral.