Brexit May Not Respect the Initial Deadline of March 2019

Even though Liam Fox was clear on leaving the European Union at the end of March 2019, those who keep a close eye on Brexit are not so sure

Trade Secretary Liam Fox said on Monday: “We will leave the European Union at the end of March 2019,” while in Washington. He also added that “There’s no doubt about it.”

However, it is not such a sure fact so far. Those who are keeping their eyes on Brexit suggest that things won’t actually go as initially planned and that the UK won’t exit the European Union on March 29, 2019.

The Lisbon Treaty says that extending the time frame for discussions would only be allowed if all 28 members of the EU give their consent.

Malcolm Barr, economist at JPMorgan Chase, considers that the 2-year time table allowed for negotiations was already demanding enough, even before political events that took place in Britain delayed the start of them.

It “hurts everyone to have a disorderly Brexit,” said Barr

Moreover, he added his personal opinion, in which chances of Brexit occurring as planned are less than 50%; he sees a delay until the final months of 2019.

“The only thing you really need is political will. If there’s a sense in Brussels and across European capitals that the Brits have behaved badly and deliberately stalled or played dirty, there will not be a willingness to extend and help us out.” said Lucy Thomas

So far, when it comes to the EU, things are irritable. In a recent meeting with regional ambassadors in Brussels, Michel Barnier expressed frustration with the slow pace of progress when it comes to talks.

The differences over the future of Britain’s relations with the European Court of Justice are also important talks. Moreover, the Daily Express quoted a senor UK government minister who said that Britain may walk away due to the differences over the European Court of Justice.