Colorado “Haunted” Hotel Reopens With Serial Killer-Themed Rooms

Colorado “Haunted” Hotel Reopens With Serial Killer-Themed Rooms

The Black Monarch Hotel reopened this month with an even creepier vibe

A famous Colorado haunted hotel called “The Black Monarch” reopened to the public on May 1 after extensive renovations. Originally opened during the Gold Rush era, the edifice was a triple-threat casino, saloon and brothel, but now it’s a newly-renovated boutique hotel located less than 50 miles southwest of Colorado Springs in the tiny mountain town of Victor.

According to guests, the property is a bit of a hotspot for paranormal sightings. People have reported encountering “unexplained” phenomena while in the building, such as the sounds of women laughing and men shouting when there was no one around. There are actually rumors that the property is haunted by the spirit of a barkeep who died in a gunfight, a devastating fire that leveled the building in 1899 is also thought to contribute to the downright ghostly vibes.

Moreover, the rumors of horrors and haunting are embraced by the hotel’s new owner, Adam Zimmerli, who has worked in Denver’s music scene and operated unique properties here. There are also some unconfirmed rumors regarding inventor Nikola Tesla, which reportedly wired the hotel’s electricity, and now there is an entire room named after him. The hotel also features rooms inspired by serial killers Elizabeth Bathory and H.H. Holmes, also according to the property’s press release:

“The self-proclaimed ‘horror hotel’ is packed with curiosities, taxidermy, oddities and trinkets, giving alternative travelers myriad strange sights to explore.”

The hotel is on Colorado’s National Register of Historic Places due to its Victorian Gothic design aesthetic that accentuates the property’s storied past. Hotel visitors have the opportunity to explore the surrounding mountains, learn about the town’s mining history, and enjoy the hotel’s dark aesthetic and live music, as the owner plans to host live shows with a dark twist, and special events featuring burlesque and circus performers.