Former Italian PM warns EU falling apart

Mario Monti, former PM of Italy, warns over the European Union disintegration and possible war risk

Mario Monti underlined the impact of current crisis affecting the Brussels-based European block: financial crisis, increasingly alarming unemployment rates, the threat of Islamic State terrorism, the huge migrants influx trying to reach Europe, the Brexit vote and the imminent quitting of Britain from EU.

As the former PM of Italy has stated for, “the EU is going through a crisis which leads me and others for the first time to consider whether we are not heading towards disintegration.”

“The EU has never been hit by such a high number of different crises of this gravity. What I am concerned about is that, although the EU has developed itself historically through a process of crisis, response to the crisis, and advancement, this time around it may well not happen. On European soil, the natural state of affairs is not peace — if it weren’t for the structured integration of countries, which have a habit of going to war with each other from time to time,” he added, while warning about the imminence of war on the continent.

Moreover, Monti accused national leaders of putting political interests above the interests of European citizens.

Similarly, due to people losing trust in the EU, the European Parliament president Martin Schulz also believes that the EU risks “implosion”, as announced during a conference earlier this month.