Google Buys Advertisers’ Favorite GIF Search Tool: Tenor

Alphabet Inc. agreed to buy Tenor, the mobile startup that brings 300 million people every month

Tenor’s main tool, a GIF keyboard, has become very popular among advertisers; moreover, they pay the company up to $500,000 to run sponsored GIFs and short moving digital images inside search results.

“Tenor will continue to operate as a separate brand,” said Google engineering director, Cathy Edwards

She also suggesteed that Tenor will be used to bolster Google’s main search business. Back in 2016, the companny aquired Edwards’ startup Undecidable Labs, which had as main activity turning online searches into purchases.

Both Inc. and Pinterest Inc. have pitched advertisers on the appeal of online images for shoppers. Furthermore, Tenor told marketing clients that there would be no change to their program.

The fact that Google is fighting hard to improve its business and acquire higher ranking is visible, and this acquisition could bring a positive change, improving the overall business, as well as user experience.