Ireland responds positively to Scotland’s call to leave union

UK faces difficult times, as the two state entities urged leaving the union

As Brexit is considered to be “a disaster for the people of Ireland”, the country’s PM Sinn Féin has urged for a united Ireland, as Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also requested a second referendum for its nation to leave the union.

As 22 per cent of voters are in favor of a united Ireland and the British government in Westminster was “continuing to refuse to listen to the majority views”, Michelle O’Neill the representative of the party in Northern Ireland believe that people should now “have their say in relation to the future.”

Currently, people are concerned about what Brexit might do to commercial relationships between the north and south, in terms of taxes and businesses on both sides of the border.

Moreover, officials in Wales think about leaving the U.K., as “Wales would need to decide its own future.”

According to the political views on the matter, if the referendums will result in leaving the union, this may be “the end of the U.K. as a state.”