Meet Marilou Danley, Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of the Las Vegas shooter has returned to the US

Marilou left the Philippines and landed at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday evening. She is going to be questioned by the Las Vegas police in an attempt to find out what led the 64-year-old boyfriend to kill 58 people and injure hundreds more.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo mentioned on Tuesday that his investigators are hoping to have a talk with Marilou Danley. Moreover, at a press conference, he added that law enforcement authorities are in communication with Danley and are expecting “some information here from her shortly.”

Right after the shooting, police had described Danley as a “traveling companion” of the shooter, but not as a suspect.

So far, police think that the shooter acted alone, which would make the reasoning behind his actions harder to determine. The latest information came Tuesday afternoon when police mentioned that the gunman set up cameras inside his hotel suite, as well as in the hallway.

The FBI is currently investigating their use as they are not aware whether the devices were transmitting. However, they thing that the shooter might have used them to check for people approaching his room.