New survey shows the general political climate is a source of stress

Most of the Americans recognize that the outcome of the recent elections and the overall political context is a constant stress source

According to the latest poll released by the American Psychological Association, almost 60 per cent of the respondents in the United States agreed that their main of daily source is due to political issues, as the future of the nation is a problem that affects the majority of citizens.

Despite political views, most of the democrat partisans and a significant part of the republicans saw Donal Trump’s victory as highly stressful, as 72 per cent of Democrats and 26 per cent of Republicans declared they were unhappy with the results. In addition, 59 per cent of Republicans and 76 percent of Democrats respectively share the same concerns about the future of the United States.

Moreover, the stress is felt approximately in the same way by people living in different country areas. 62 per cent of urban residents and 40 per cent of suburban and rural citizens reported politics related stress.

The poll surveyed 1019 people and was conducted by the Harris Poll for APA for a period of 2 weeks.