New VR technology can replicate smells

Scientists have developed devices that can reproduce environmental smells, such as the scent of a human being, floral aromas and forests

Cars that can release calming smells, robots replicating the same body scent of a human, devices that generate environmental fragrance. All of these innovations are closer than we can imagine, prepared to enter our every-day lives.

Researchers from the University of Sussex have recently demonstrated the use of their creations during the British Science Festival in Brighton, England. In addition to the perfect images and sounds from the VR reality, now there’s an extra-feature available: smell.

Either it is a rainforest or a beach, the new technology brings customers even more accurate VR experiences when compared to the real world, while making it a quite immersive encounter.

As the same technology has been tested in the past, for cinema movies across the U.S., offering unique Smell-O-Vision features, the new advances are set to become popular all over the world, providing never-before emotions and memories, while enhancing overall entertainment.

Applications can go as far as fine arts, car driving options, telecommunications equipment, marketing strategies, relaxation techniques and many more.

The concept promotes the sense of smell as one of the most important asset in social interactions, therefore the devices of the future will make us all connect better with others, as well as with ourselves.