PS4 E3 2018 – what are the biggest announcements this year?

At the E3 press conference this year, Sony focused on presenting four upcoming games that gaming aficionados already knew about: Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, hence E3, is the largest gaming expo in the world and this year specialists say it is the biggest one yet. People in love with gaming have the possibility to look forward to the greatest gaming reveals, amazing trailers and the possibility to go hands-on with the newest titles coming from top developers.

The conference is set to take place between June 12th and 14th and big publishers such as Nintendo, EA, Microsoft, Sony and Bethesda will be present at the E3 2018 to make their latest announcements. Some of these publishers have already held their press conferences and streams ahead of the opening day of the event. Here’s a list of conferences that have already happened ahead of the event itself:

  • Electronic Arts – Saturday, June 9th
  • Bethesda – Sunday, June 10th
  • Microsoft – Sunday, June 10th
  • Square Enix – Monday, June 11th
  • Ubisoft – Monday, June 11
  • Sony – Monday, June 11th
  • Nintendo – Tuesday, June 12th

As far as Sony is concerned, the company surprised its fans with some great news.

The latest trailer for Death Stranding presents scenes from the actual game for the first time. Fans have the chance to see babies and toenails in the video, as well as actual gameplay. However, many things still remain hidden, so that gamers have to discover them while playing.

The Last of Us Part II is definitely one of the games most awaited at this moment. There has been a sequel in the works for several months now, but Sony managed to surprise its gaming fans with a video presenting for the first time how the game will play. The trailer starts with Ellie and after only a few seconds, the entire scene is moved into the middle of the action, which is quite brutal. Sony released a 12-minute video of this game that can be watched below:

Ghost of Tsushima was another game presented at the E3. From the creators of Infamous, this game was designed as the next action game from Sucker Punch. The graphics look absolutely gorgeous and the creators managed to perfectly combine combat and stealth. However, we still don’t know when the game will be released. In the meantime, you can enjoy watching this trailer video of the game:

Insomniac’s new Spider-Man game is set to be launched in September this year, so Marvel fans, make sure you save the date. If you can’t wait for that day to come, you can take a look at this 7-minute video presenting the game.

Other games presented at the E3 event so far are Kingdom Hearts III (Square Enix), Control (Sony), Déraciné (From Software), Resident Evil 2 (Capcom).