The Past Week In Pictures: 2-8 August 2019

The Past Week In Pictures: 2-8 August 2019
Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2019 – Balloons are ascending 24 hours earlier than scheduled because bad weather is forecast
Madagascar farmers saving sea cucumbers in Tampolove
Luminous jellyfish at an exhibit in Cape Town, South Africa
A Venezuelan marine slogs through water on the Khmelevka range during the war games hosted by Russia in the Kaliningrad region
A sarcophagus holding the mummified remains of the king that will be undergoing eight months of careful restoration work at Giza’s Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Egypt
Artist Mwamngi Kimaru aka Jakatyap puts the final touches to one of his pieces in the train wagon-turned-studio rented to him and others by Kenya Railways