The President of the European Commission urges a minimum wage policy

There should be a minimum salary in each country of the European Union”, said Jean-Claude Juncker

In order to fight “social dumping”, the President of the EC has declared that the EU member states should provide their citizens with a minimum guaranteed income, as “there is a level of dignity” that needs to be respected and more “fairness and social justice in Europe” needs to be boosted.

Consequently, the European Pillar of Social Rights initiative was presented this week by the EC. The initiative’s reforms are yet to be discussed before the summit in Rome on March 25.

Since the start of my mandate, I have made clear that I wanted a more social Europe. We have taken important first steps to achieve that. This year will be crucial. Following the broad public consultation, it is time to establish the European Pillar of Social Rights,” commented President Juncker about EU social rights agenda.

As a priority, the European Parliament’s resolution on basic wage insecurity, recently adopted on 19 January, aims to boost welfare for EU citizens. As explained by the Commissioner of EU’s Social agenda Marianne Thyssen, this resolution’s priorities are as follows: “Creating better life chances for young people; ensuring a good work life balance; making sure peoples skills keep pace with change; and ensuring nobody is left behind.”

The latest EC proposal on social rights will be tabled and perhaps adopted following public consultation.