Trump Looks Up to Australia In Terms of Immigration System

As Trump says yes to a proposal to cut immigration to the US, supporters of the plan point to Australia and its “merit-based” system of approving new immigrants

The plan that Trump supports wants to reduce immigration by curbing the ability of American citizens and legal residents to bring family members into the country. “It is a basic principle that those seeking to enter a country ought to be able to support themselves financially.” said Trump

Making sure that immigrants do not represent a burden on the country’s safety net and are able to prosper financially is the most important element in Australia’s immigration laws.

When compared to the US, Australia takes in more immigrants relative to its population. The country has two separate systems:

a points-based system, which favors people based on their English proficiency and the skills that they have for certain needed jobs

an employer-nomination system that allows businesses to sponsor people for jobs

A White House official declared that it had looked at both the Australian and Canadian immigration systems and “added things that made sense for America.”

“One of the things I think is the most compelling about the Australian system is the efforts to make sure that immigrants are financially self-sufficient,” Stephen Miller, senior White House aide

According to the plan proposed by Republican senators, those who apply for legal residency in the US would be judged on the basis of education, language and job abilities, favoring those who speak English. In other words, everyone who is able to financially support themselves and have skills that contribute to the economy are a yes.

“We are establishing a new entry system that’s points-based,” Mr. Miller said in explaining the Trump administration’s approach. “Can they support themselves and their families financially? Do they have a skill that will add to the U.S. economy? Are they being paid a high wage?”