Trump Supporters Paid Tribute to North Korea through a Fashion Show

President Trump Supporters decided to celebrate him by paying tribute to North Korea through tea and a fashion show

It has been a busy month for President Donald Trump: he got together with Kim Jong Un in Singapore and celebrated 72nd birthday.

However, one particular event stood out: Women for Trump gathered at the Trump International Hotel in Washington for a cup of “Tea for Trump” in order to celebrate the President’s milestone in both diplomacy and aging. Even though Donald Trump was not present at the party, lots of female supports were, including Virginia GOP senate candidate Corey Stewart.

Republican Women BC Tweeted:

“#TeaForTrump @TrumpHotels Checking in for the big event, fabulously dressed and hats too! Keep posted for updates #Women4Trump”

As if the event was not interesting enough already, attendees modeled gowns inspired by the president himself in a very well organized fashion show. However, one specific outfit stood out and Elizabeth Williamson from the New York Times captured it:

“At one key moment, a woman in a flowing, black and white, Asian-style costume appeared. As martial-sounding music played, she walked the runway with arms outstretched, carrying what looked like a red velvet and gilded Valentine’s Day candy box. The women cheered as she paused, lifting the box to the heavens.

[Organizer] Ms. [Alice] Butler-Short took the stage, her substantial, bejeweled gold lamé millinery bobbing. “That signified our great president and the negotiations he is having with North Korea,” she said. The music, she explained, was the North Korean national anthem.”

If you think about it, this celebration is even stranger if you consider the fact that at the beginning of 2018, Trump was telling Kim that his “nuclear button” was bigger than his. From “fire and fury” to praising the dictator as a complete package, a “funny guy” with a “great personality” who is “very smart” and “loves his people.”

Trump’s victory lap on North Korea seems to have worked well with his supporters, letting us question what comes next.