Uber Lawsuit – NGO Sues Against Wheelchair Discrimination Rights

A nonprofit disability rights organization sued Uber, claiming that their services discriminate against New York City disabled riders

The NGO stated that the company does not provide enough access to cars that can accommodate the needs of a disabled person, such as those in a wheelchair.

“Having grown rapidly since it began operating in New York in 2011, Uber provides hundreds of thousands of rides a day in New York City, but for riders who need wheelchair-accessible vehicles, it provides vastly inferior service, or in many cases, no service at all,” the lawsuit stated

It also added that, even though Uber offers wheelchair-accessible vehicles (UberWAV service), they add up to less than 100 out of the 58,000 cars dispatched. More than that, the lawsuit said that in many cases, these special cars are used by persons who are not disabled, which further reduces the chances of a disabled person to find a car.

It wants Uber to “develop and implement a remedial plan to ensure full and equal access to its services for riders who require accessible transportation.”

Uber replied and said that it has somewhere close to 200 wheelchair-accessible cars on the roads of NYC.

“Uber’s technology has expanded access to reliable transportation options for all riders, including those with disabilities and has enabled people with disabilities to earn income in new ways,” said Alix Anfang, Uber spokeswoman

“While there is certainly more work to be done, we will continue advocating for a solution that offers affordable, reliable transportation to those who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle,” Anfang added