White House Officials Will Travel to the Middle East to Present Their Peace Plan

White House Officials Will Travel to the Middle East to Present Their Peace Plan

Trump administration officials will reveal important aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan during their visit to the Middle East scheduled for later this month

Jared Kushner will be visiting the Middle East to reveal part of his plan for peace. He will mainly focus on securing financial support for the economic aspect of the plan on which he has been working on for two years now. He aims to boost the Palestinian economy if Israelis and Palestinians reach a political settlement. A senior administration official from the White House stated:

“We understand that if the political aspect of it is not solid, the economic aspect is meaningless. But at the same time the political aspect will not succeed without a proper economic plan.”

Kushner together with Jason Greenblatt – the Middle East emissary, Biran Hook – the Special Representative for Iran, and Avi Berkowitz – the Deputy Assistant to the President, will be traveling to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates later this month in order to present the plan and see other countries’ reactions to it. The trip that was initially was scheduled for January but it was pushed back because of the government shutdown, will last for about a week.

The fact that the White Houses decided to share details of the peace plan with these countries is a sign that it is very important to get those countries on board, even with the risk of leaking aspects of the plan to the public. They feel it is vital to have these countries agree to the peace plan due to their recent years closeness with Palestine.

The White House is also preparing to publicly release the plan for a negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinians soon, however, that will not happen before Israeli election set for April 9. Administration officials also stated that the economic portion of the plan will include a package of public and private-sector investments in all sectors of the Palestinian economy.

Kushner is also scheduled to attend a US hosted security conference in Warsaw, Poland, next week. He is going to sit down with President of the World Economic Forum, Borge Brand and discuss the peace plan, however he will most likely not disclose any details.