Alireza Talebnasab Warns Israel of Repercussions Due to Involvement in Syria

Syrian War

A prominent political personality from Iran, Alireza Talebnasab, said that the involvement of Israel in Syria might prove to be costly. The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to blame Israel for its involvement in Syria, which has resulted in a political result, claiming the lives of 300,000 innocent citizens.

Alireza Talebnasab also said that the Western nations should learn from the mistakes they have committed in Afghanistan and Iraq and hence, must restrict themselves from getting involved in the political situations of other countries. As per Alireza, the United States is not good on its financial health as of now, and getting involved in a war would further worsen their financial condition.

As per Alireza, the scenario in Syria is entirely different when compared to that of Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus, the US Government cannot win by getting involved in a war in Syria. The Middle East region has Islamic militant and Jihadist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, which would prove to be costly when attacked by the United States.

The political scenario in Syria needs to be worked upon. He said that if proper investigations are carried out, it would be proven that the Government of Syria has never indulged in the usage of chemical weaponry against its own citizens. As the Syrian Free Army is unable to contain the Syrian Army, they are accusing the Government of Syria without any base.

However, Alireza Talebnasab declined to comment when he was asked about the stand of the Islamic Republic of Iran about the prevailing crisis and war in Syria. Iran continues to support fighters who are fighting against Israel and are actively helping them in terms of logistics and finance.

As of now, only Iran is openly supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Egypt. They are providing training, arms and finance to the fighters. As a result, the Syrian Free Army has managed to capture 37 fighters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and Iran is proactively trying with the help of other nations to free its fighters.