American citizens are canceling their holidays to Mexico

With the latest travel ban issued by President Trump, Americans are considering spending their leisure time inside the United States
According to new survey, the restrictions President Trump has imposed over the borders have triggered surprising decisions among the citizens of America: travelers prefer to remain inside the borders of their county instead of going to trips they’ve scheduled, as more trips to Mexico are being canceled every day that passes.

Security concerns seem to be the reason for the increasing number of cancellations. According to a recent Travel Weekly report, a survey conducted by the MAST Travel Network has showed that 8 per cent of the clients of 166 travel agents either canceled or re-booked trips to other destinations.

“The intensifying issues of immigration, the border wall, and trade are, in my view, going to cause some customers to think twice about a vacation in Mexico if they feel they are not welcome. I don’t believe anyone should feel that way, but based on our member survey, agents are hearing concerns from their clients,” explained John Werner, COO at MAST.
52 per cent of the travel agencies have confirmed that their clients avoid Mexico or prefer to spend their holidays inside the US territory, away from any international destination, despite Mexico’s reputation as the most popular destination for leisure among American citizens.

Consequently, as travel agents are loosing significant profit, MAST will notify the issue to the US legislators and also use a part of its budget to boost tourism to Mexico.