Americans aim to teach politics courses in public schools

In the middle of the presidential election season in the USA, a new project arises

Parents and educators in the USA believe that political and civics discussions in public school classrooms can help children better understand the events in the American society, world history and also educate them within the democratic spirit, in order to become responsible, informed voters.

Parents and teachers in Brevard County were asked for their opinion on this matter, as well as for proposals about information materials that should be addressed. Selection of topics and avoiding partisanship were the main concerns on this issue. Presidential elections, immigration, terrorism, and gun control were also considered hot subjects that should be included in the annual curricula.

According to the opinion of Kassie Erenstoft, from Brevard Public Schools, teachers should focus on covering all sides of political controversies, without advocating for a specific political viewpoint, in order to prevent partisanship.

Nicole Hodkinson, teacher at Imagine Schools, thinks that diversity of information may be the key to success. “I think in order to set students up for success in the future, they need to learn how to talk to people and one of the hardest things to talk about are the issues you’re most passionate about,” she added.

Students were very enthusiastic when learning about the new proposal, as they are eager for constant new information to help them “change the world”. Domnick Fuentes, 13, explains: “It’s really kind of good to learn about it, because we have a heads up on the issues as we grow up.”