Upcoming Elections to Keep an Eye on After France

Emmanuel Macron has won the elections and is now the president of France. Even though this stage is over, the political risk hasn’t disappeared.

The upcoming elections that succeed the presidential elections in France can have a big impact on both the economy and politics worldwide. The following 18 months’ agenda is full of important elections.

South Korean Presidential Election – May 9

Moon Jae-in is competing with Ahn Cheol-soo for the big spot. Moreover, Hong Joon-pyo is also joining he race to the top. So far, the most prominent candidates are Moon and Ahn. So far, the polls are being restricted so there are no polling specifics so far. The result of the elections could shape the international answer to North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Regional Elections in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany – May 14

The Social Democrat-led coalition is competing with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in the race to the top. Polls suggest that Merkel’s party could be entering the coalition government, or even take the entire state. The final result is going to give a clear sense of voters’ mood, four months from the federal election in September.

Presidential Elections in Iran – May 19

Hassan Rouhani is facing Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and Ebrahim Raisi for this election. Until now, Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seems to be favoring Raisi. This entire election is a referendum on Rouhani, who made a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program. The main opponents say that they will respect the deal. However, there are still risks of a showdown with U.S. President Donald Trump, who called it a “disaster”.

General Election, UK – June 8

Theresa May is racing against an array of parties who want to prevent her from winning. The largest one is the Labour Party, followed by the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats. Surveys suggest that May could be winning with 47% of the vote, 19 points ahead of Labour. The result will give clues on the level of support for Scottish independence. Moreover, May needs a large majority in order to have a stronger position in Brexit negotiations.

These elections are going to be followed by the French parliamentary elections (June 11, 18), German Federal Election (September 24), Italian General Election (by late May 2018), Mexico Presidential Election (July 2018), and U.S. congressional elections (November 6, 2018).