Suspect of the Brussels Central Station Attack Has Been Identified

Belgian authorities have found the identity of the man who was fatally shot at Brussels Central Station

A spokeswoman for the Minister of Security and Home Affairs said in a statement that the Belgian authorities are now aware of the identity of the man who got shot at Brussels Central Station after a failed bombing attack.

Anne-Laure Moulineaux, the spokeswoman, did not provide any further information about the attacker.

Soldiers neutralized the man after setting off a small explosion inside the transportation hub, somewhere around 8:30 p.m. local time, said Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt at a news conference.

Fortunately, no civilians were injured;however, the incident set off panic as people ran for shelter. Belgian authorities have tagged the unfortunate event as a terrorist attack.

A witness who stayed inside the station during the incident said that he heard two explosions, followed by someone yelling “Allahu Akbar” twice, followed by heavy gunfire.

The station was soon surrounded by armed patrols which also included two bomb disposal units. Moreover, the station was evacuated and closed in the evening, and got reopened to travelers on Wednesday morning.

There is going to be increased security presence through the day in all train and metro stations, as the Belgian Crisis Center reported. All public events will also have increased security, to make sure that similar incidents have low chances of happening again.