Apple Responds to Senate Inquire on Face ID

Apple has issued a response to Sen. Al Franken’s inquiry regarding Apple’s new face recognition technology

Apple write in its response letter that it will: “continue to communicate directly and transparently with our customers about the security and privacy-related impacts of our products.” Hogan also added that Face ID “revolutionizes authentication using facial recognition.”

After the tech giant revealed the new iPhone X back in September, Franken, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, sent a letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, asking how “Face ID will impact iPhone users’ privacy and security, and whether the technology will perform equally well on different groups of people.”

Furthermore, after receiving Apple’s response, Franken released a statement on Monday:

“All the time, we learn about and actually experience new technologies and innovations that, just a few years back, were difficult to even imagine. While these developments are often great for families, businesses, and our economy, they also raise important questions about how we protect what I believe are among the most pressing issues facing consumers: privacy and security. I appreciate Apple’s willingness to engage with my office on these issues, and I’m glad to see the steps that the company has taken to address consumer privacy and security concerns.”

Many others expressed their concerns regarding the new Face ID and its security. However, experts believe that the company has taken great care with its new technology.