Apple Under Pressure – Buying an iPhone is Less Likely

Apple registered a decrease in iPhone purchases this quarter.

The latest quarterly numbers have not been good for Apple. The company is under attack due to the fact that people are holding off from buying an iPhone in this period. This puts a lot of pressure on Apple regarding their next model.

At the same time, the company recently invested in corporate debt in order to equal the world’s largest mutual fund, Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund, which contains assets that include company, government, and mortgage bonds. This decision aims to reward the company’s shareholders.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook mentioned in a recent conference call that their belief is that people are waiting for the next iPhone to come up. More than that, they are having high expectations as Apple mentioned that the next iPhone will be revolutionary.

With their 10th anniversary coming up, Apple Inc. is planning on launching its best iPhone lineup. They are preparing three models for this fall, and also upgraded versions of the current two iPhones. Moreover, they are adding a new high-end handset that promises to raise the bar.

Curved glass, stainless steel materials, more advanced cameras and a new type of screen are just a few of the specifications that are currently tested at Apple.

If you are eager to put your hands on the new iPhone, you may have to wait due to supply constraints. These could make the new gadget available one or two months after the official launch in fall.