Apple Watch detects thyroid condition in woman and saves her life

When she noticed that her device was functioning strangely, Heather’s first thought was that her Apple Watch needed repairing, when in fact, it proved that it was trying to save her life.

Medical technology has developed a lot in the past several years and today it is capable of diagnosing various conditions with high efficiency and in real time. Even so, few people believe that certain gadgets are also capable of such things – of announcing people they are unknowingly suffering from different ailments and providing them the necessary help.

This is actually what happened to Heather, a woman who has been living her whole life thinking she is healthy and not suffering from any ailment. However, something strange happened one day when she put her Apple Watch on her wrist. The device started to alert her about an abnormally high heart rate, indicating she is suffering from thyroid.

Since she hadn’t experienced any symptoms, her first thought was that the device was malfunctioning. However, the beeping continued for an entire day, so she decided to go and visit a doctor. She was extremely surprised to find out that she was suffering from hyperthyroidism and was rapidly heading towards arrhythmia, which might have eventually caused her death.

At first, Heather purchased the watch with the intention that it might help her track her health, but she never expected for a gadget as this one to actually diagnose a condition that was threatening her life.

About Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is very hard to detect, especially since the sufferer can experience few or no symptoms at all, not to mention that in most cases it occurs under the guise of another ailments. Some of these symptoms are moist, overactive reflexes, trembling in fingers or warm skin.