Apple’s Plan to Switch to 100 Percent Renewable Energy in India

Apple aims to operate its entire business in India on 100% renewable energy for the following 6 months

Accourding to the sources, it was one of the things that Apple told Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently touring around the United States.

On Sunday, Modi met with the heads of 20 US technology firms, including Sunder Pichai (Google), Tim Cook (Apple), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

At the meeting, Modi was told that there are roughly 740,000 jobs related to iOS, and that the Indian developers have created somewhere around 100,000 applications for the App Store, which meant a growth of 57% in 2016.

Last month, Apple also started producing the iPhone SE in Bengaluru, while also opening an app accelerator in the same place, where the company is said to have trained thousands of developers. Now, it seems that everything will be powered via renewable energy.

Jeff Bezos tweeted that he is very excited to keep investing and growing in India.

“Terrific meeting with @narendramodi. Always impressed, energized by optimism and invention in India. Excited to keep investing and growing.” he wrote

As part of the United States tour, Prime Minister Modi will meet US President Donald Trump. Before the scheduled meeting, the two of them exchanged warm tweets, as President Trump tweeted: “Look forward to welcoming India’s PM Modi to @WhiteHouse on Monday. Important strategic issues to discuss with a true friend!” PM Modi’s reply: “Thank you @POTUS for the warm personal welcome. Greatly look forward to my meeting and discussions with you @realDonaldTrump.”

PM Modi and President Donald Trump are expected to discuss matters of defence cooperation, terrorism in South Asia, as well as China’s role in the region.