Bali Volcano Might Erupt Soon – 120,000 People Evacuated

Over 120,000 people have left Bali after authorities warned that a volcano might erupt in “a matter of hours”

People started to leave the island starting with last week, but hurried up on Friday when authorities issued the highest-level alert status.

Apparently, Mount Agung has shown clear signs of magma rising and forced authorities to create a 7.5-mile buffer zone around the location of the volcano. Even so, officials reported that people are fleeing even further then expected.

Disaster mitigation agency’s spokesperson, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said that chances of an eruption are “quite big”.

Signs were clear: more than 800 earthquakes were recorded in the area on Monday, and an additional 400 were recorded by Tuesday midday. Moreover, a smoke column was seen coming out of the crater.

Head of the volcanology center, Pak Kasbani, reported to the local media that if the earthquakes continue, an eruption could be just a few hours away.

The volcano in Bali last erupted back in 1963, when it killed more than 1,100 people. Those who evacuated the area settled in 400 locations across Bali, including public buildings and temporary camps.