China Strives in its Space Program and Plans to Send 4 More Probes into Space

China has recently launched its first X-ray space telescope designed to monitor gamma-ray bursts, black holes, and pulsars

The Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence revealed that China will launch for more space probes before 2021. This is a sign of the country’s efforts to develop space science.

Next year, the China-France Oceanography Satellite is expected to be launched. It aims to conduct studies on ocean-surface wind and waves, in order to improve the forecasts and boost efficiency in preventing and mitigating disasters.

In 2012, an astronomical satellite that China and France collaborated on, will be launched. It will gather data on gamma rays, as well as those that can shed light on dark energy and the evolution of the universe.

At the same time, the China-Italy Electromagnetic Monitoring Experiment Satellite that is going to study earthquake phenomena, is expected to be launched in August.

In 2020, the country’s first Mars probe is said to be launched. The probe will develop orbiting and roving exploration activities on the Red Planet. Wu Yanhua, the National Space Administration deputy chief, revealed in a statement that this will be followed by a second mission that involves collecting surface samples.

The launch of the four probes will represent China’s most important missions for its space program, following the launch of the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope. In addition to this, China has further plans.

In the following years, China will also have a lunar mission, while also considering sending one to the Jupiter system.

What will make a difference between earlier missions launched on the Moon and China’s, is that this will be the first to explore the dark side of the Earth’s satellite.

“China will actively conduct international cooperation in areas including lunar and Mars probes, manned space missions and space environment exploration,” said Zhao Jian, the administration’s system engineering department deputy director