Donald Trump to publish his correspondence with famous people in a book

If you are wondering what former President Donald Trump is up to lately, find out that he is planning to release another book, which will contain his correspondence with various celebrities, including Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

Trump has already published one book since leaving the White House, “Our Journey Together” which was a huge hit, reportedly grossed a jaw-dropping $20 million “in less than two months,” as per CNN. The coffee table book features a collection of 300-plus photographs chronicling the president’s time in office accompanied by captions he wrote himself.

The new book is said to arrive next year, amid his 2024 presidential campaign. “It will contain reproductions of letters written to, or by, Trump over the last few decades, providing readers with a more intimate view into his private life and past social circles,” writes CNN.

Among the A-list celebrities, world leaders and high-profile international figures, that have written letters to the former president are Diana Princess of Wales, Sir Elton John and even Michael Jackson, sources said.

Donald Trump has already mentioned the “really nice” letter he received from Princess Diana in an interview with Howard Stern back in 1997. “She wrote me a letter about a couple of months before she died thanking me ‘cause I did her a favor for something,” Trump told Stern. “She wrote me a really nice letter.”

Not many details are known, the publishing house, Winning Team Publishing own by Donald Trump Jr. and former campaign adviser Sergio Gor, declined to comment on the “book of letters” saying: “We don’t have anything to announce yet.” In May, however, the imprint which was also behind “Our Journey Together”, appeared to suggest that Trump was working on a book about the 2020 election. “NEW BOOK ALERT: CRIME OF THE CENTURY by President Donald J. Trump! More details coming soon,” tweeted the company.