Following FTC Settlement, Uber Improves Security Practices

On Tuesday, Uber welcomed the ending of its dispute with the US Federal Trade Commission that accused it of “failing consumers” in terms of privacy and security

Uber was previously accused of not being able to protect the company’s privacy, as well as securing sensitive data that belongs to its drivers. In a statement, a Uber spokesperson mentioned that the ride-hailing giant did everything in its power to improve data security, as well as general privacy practices in the last three years, since the first charges.

The firm also pointed to Joe Sullivan’s hiring who became Chief Security Officer in April 2015. It used it as an example of its efforts on the security front, while also adding how “hundreds of trained professionals dedicated to protecting user information” are currently working for Uber, focusing on preventing any data breaching from happening.

The data security practices that are currently implemented withing the company are going to be strengthen even more in the following months as part of a settlement with the FTC. The company describes it as a good opportunity to allow it to collaborate with the federal regulator more closely.

The company also agreed to organize and independent audit of its practices within the next 180 days, while also accept future reviews from third-parties. Furthermore, it promised to stop misrepresenting its previous efforts in addition to implementing more privacy protection programs in the future.

The latest actions allowed Uber to resolve one of the many problems that the company is currently struggling with. Unfortunately, Uber is still involved in a massive legal battle with Alphabet’s Waymo and is currently searching for a new Chief Executive Officer.