Health Care DeadLock: Politics Mean Team Work and Republicans are Not Team Workers

Republicand have one more shot in the Senate to repeal and replace ObamaCare, most probably for the last time

While Republicans can’t get along due to the fact that they are not working together, Democrats are performing like a well-trained team. Chuck Schumer has all 48 members on board with saving ObamaCare, making it a successful strategy.

Democrats’ strategy mostly works for one reason: Republicans are not working together. Their 52-48 majority in the Senate means that even if they lose 2 votes, they still prevail, since Vice President Mike Pence is the tiebraker.

However, 8 Republican senators did not agree with the first GOP bill, forcing Majority Leader Mitch McConnel to bring up a revised version. Even though it was significantly improved, it still encountered opposition. Mr. McConnell is good at bringing senators together. However, his task in this matter is far more difficult due to the fact that dissidents don’t agree on what is wrong with the bill.

This is a clear example of why political success depends on good team work. It is highly important that team members understand that you can’t abandon your team simply because you don’t get what you want. Moreover, sometimes you need to vote for an imperfect measure just because it is beneficial and better than the alternative.

This mostly apply in the case of dumping ObamaCare. The Republican alternative is a more free-market health-care system in which people buy the insurance they want, and not what the goovernment asks.

Being united as a team makes that possible. However, many Republicans are not comfortable in such a place.