High-Speed Train Crash in Suburban Philadelphia – Multiple Injuries

Authorities responded to reports of multiple people injured after a high-speed SEPTA train crashed an unoccupied station car at the 69th Street Terminal, Upper Darby

Thomas Micozzie, Mayor of Upper Darby, said that four people were rushed to the hospital, including the train’s conductor.

Moreover, a Pennsylvania Transportation Authority spokeswoman said that the incident took place around 12:15 a.m. She also added that there are 33 persons aboard who were injured.

One passenger reported from the scene to a reporter that the train operator was “all banged up”. Moreover, passengers said that “there was blood everywhere”.

Unfortunately, the cause of the crash is still under investigation, with no certain data.

SEPTA mentioned that there will most likely be service disruptions for the current day.

This incident is not unique. Back in February, four people were hurt in a crash near the 69th Street Terminal and it involved three out-of-service commuter trains. Meanwhile, SEPTA said that one train rear-ended another on a loop where trains make a turn around to get back into service. The cars from that accident derailed and hit a third train located on nearby tracks.

Investigation for the incident continue and the results will be made available to the public.

Source: foxnews.com