Hunger Games To Become Venezuela’s Reality

Chavez’s socialism era is currently tearing Venezuela apart

Millions of Venezuelans are starving as an inevitable consequence of communist, socialist and Marxist ideologies. The former government’s regime led the country to a turmoil of corruption, food shortages and ruins that Venezuelans are most affected by.

For example, inflation in Venezuela is considered to be one of the highest in the world, as forecasts show that it will reach 700 per cent by the end of 2016. During Hugo Chavez’s era, more than 8.000 businesses closed which led to massive protests and general unrest. Venezuela is also on among top listers when it comes to murder rates: three people are being killed every hour.

Moreover, food is a luxury here: 87 per cent of the citizens struggle to afford food, as the shortages led to an infant malnutrition rate of 9 per cent in Venezuela.

The medical system is also wrecked, with 44 per cent non-functional ORs and 94 per cent of the labs almost out of activity due to lack of supplies.

Without any medicine, food or electricity, the Venezuelan people became prone to street crimes and even horrible homicides. Price control policy applied to main items the citizens need for daily survival makes it even worse.

“We need food. How long will this situation last? It’s too much. A child cannot endure hunger, the children need to eat to grow,” a Venezuelan mother declared with tears in her eyes.

Scarcity of food or medicines kills people living in the country affected by the Chavismo. Ill and unemployed patients are most affected by the shortages. Those who survive are trying to find a better future elsewhere in the world, as people who afford it began fleeing the country.

Despite having one of the largest oil reserves in the world, corruption and bad management during socialism finally took their toll on the lives of people in the country on the northern coast of South America.