Kabul Suicide Bomb Attack Ends with Fatalities

A suicide bomb attack took place in Kabul during rush hour – the bombing attack ended with over 80 fatalities near secured diplomatic area

A suicide bomb attack hit Kabul near the German Embassy during the rush hour, resulting in the death of 80 people who were located in the vicinity of a very secured diplomatic area.

Besides the fatalities, approximately 300 other people were severely injured, said the Ministry of Health.

A tremendous amount of smoke rose over the Afghan capital as emergency vehicles rushed toward it. The sounds of terror, the sirens, and the screams took over Kabul in a morning which was supposed to be quiet.

Wounded people were lifted from the back of the cars where they hid, as others were running to safety with blood and terror on their faces. Burning cars and injured persons were all over the place.

According to Najib Danish, spokesman for the interior ministry, the explosion was caused by a suicide bombing attack. More than that, it hit 400 yards from the German Embassy, whilst the bomb was located in a water delivery truck. Sigmar Gabriel, German Foreign Minister, mentioned that the attack was dangerously close to the nation’s embassy.

“The attack was aimed at civilians and those who are in Afghanistan to work with the people there for a better future of the country,” Gabriel said. “In the attack, officials of the German embassy were also injured. In the meantime, all employees are safe.”

More than that, both the Afghan presidential palace and the Indian Embassy are nearby.

“By God’s grace, Indian Embassy staff are safe in the massive Kabul blast,” India’s foreign minister Sushma Swaraj posted on Twitter

The US Embassy also said that “a large vehicle borne improvised explosive device” detonated near the southern edge of the diplomatic area.

A Wall Street Journal reporter who was present at the scene said that a vehicle packed with explosives detonated close to the green zone entrance, which houses western embassies, government institutions, and houses of high-ranking officials. Moreover, it injured one employee and destroyed the windows in the newspaper’s bureau which is highly secured and requires several checkpoints to get to.

The suicide bombing attack hit right on the first few days of Ramadan, while everyone was going to work.