Los Angeles Shooting Results in 4 Students Hit by Gunfire

A 12-year-old girls was arrested on Tuesday after she negligently discharged a firearm, leaving 5 people injured

The girl was not identified do to the fact that she is a juvenile, but still faces serious charges after discharging a gun.

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the head and doctors had to put in all their efforts to stabilize him, according to Los Angeles officials. Another 15-year-old girls was shot in the wrist and had to be hospitalized immediately.

Even more, two other students, aged 11 and 12, suffered graze wounds. Another 30-year-old woman suffered a minor injury in the shooting’s aftermath.

At 8:55, the shooting was reported to LAPD. Police did not mention what led to the shooting, and little information was released regarding the girl who was detained. It is known that she was only 12 and that she was interviewed along with other witnesses.

The incident happened in an elective class, with students of different grades. Police found the gun and confiscated it, discovering that it was semiautomatic.

The boy who got shot in the head was extremely lucky, as the bullet missed vital structures.

“He came in and was initially awake and alert and answering questions, but his condition did start to deteriorate somewhat … so the staff decided it was best to protect his airway, so he was intubated after arrival, and has been doing very well since that time,” said Dr. Carl Chudnofsky, chief of emergency medicine.