Oregon Boy Dies from Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Liam Flanagan, an 8-year-old boy from Oregon, died from flesh-eating bacteria not long after falling from his bike

Like many children his age, Liam used to ride his bike, run around and get a few bruises from time to time.

However, when he took a fall off his bike on the family’s driveway in Pilot Rock, Oregon and suffered a large gash on his thigh, things were about to get a far worse turn than a few bruises.

As soon as his mom, Sara Hebard, saw him, she rushed him to the emergency room where he was given seven stitches.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t a bad one. It just needed a few stitches is all, that’s it. And he was taking it like a trooper,” said Sara

The doctor took care of his wound, put on a bandage and gave his mom some follow-up instructions. Soon, Liam was on his way home, with his family relieved that the boy was going to be just fine.

Sara gave the boy a Tylenol pill to ease the pain, but he continued to complain about pain.

Soon, Sara took him back to the hospital where she was shocked to learn that his boy had a flesh-eating bacteria spreading from his ankle to his armpit.

“There was a complication with the incision. He was rushed in for emergency surgery to remove some infected tissue,” Hebard explained on a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical expenses.

Doctors did their best to remove as much of the bacteria as they could in the first surgery, and then airlifted Liam to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland for further tests.

“I mean, how… how… that’s what I ask – how?” Hebard asked. “There’s just no answer.”

Sadly, on Sunday, after more surgeries, the boy passed away. His death was a result of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh eating disease that targets the soft tissue.

“I would have to say for one, hug your children tight because you never know how quickly it goes, and then to pay attention to them and don’t just take for granted it could just be a simple accident. And to spread awareness because people don’t know. I had never even heard of this before,” his mom told reporters

Source: foxnews.com