USC Gynecologist Accused of Inappropriate Practices on Patients

Fifty two women who were treated at the University of Southern California have reported that they might have been victims of inappropriate practices during consults

Possible criminal behavior is also a possibility, according to the former patients treated by Dr. George Tyndall at the University of Southern California. Furthermore, police estimate that Dr. Tyndall may have possibly seen around 10,000 patients, and strongly believe that there could be even more victims among them.

“We wanted to personally outreach to those who may have been impacted and believe they have been the victim of criminal conduct,” declared Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala

The initial reports cover a period of time between 1990 to 2016, which matches the time Tyndall was at the school in Los Angeles, according to Deputy Chief Justin Eisenberg.

The doctor is currently sued by former patients who accuse him of sexual misconduct, as well as using racist language.

At the moment, the robbery homicide division of Capt. Billy Hayes investigates reports of sexual assaults and is trying to determine if Tyndall’s conduct was, in fact, criminal.

Previously, the doctor told the Los Angeles Times that: “I have never had any sexual urges towards patients.” He went on to explain that he sees his examinations as being thorough and appropriate. Moreover, he strongly believes that his use of fingers had “a legitimate medical purpose” and that some of his comments might have been misinterpreted.

Police are on their way of reaching out to the 52 women, 14 of whom took the matter in their own hands and called the police themselves. Some of the alleged actions, such as the racist comments, could, in fact, be unethical rather than criminal, as Hayes believes. On the same topic, the Medical Board of California is investigating Tyndall’s conduct.