Missing 13-Year-Old Girl Found Alive in Wisconsin

Missing 13-Year-Old Girl Found Alive in Wisconsin

Jayme Closs has been found alive after her parents were murdered in their home in October

The missing 13-year-old girl, Jayme Closs, whose parents – James Closs, 56, and Denise, 46 – were discovered dead on 15 October in their northwestern Wisconsin home last year, has been located on Thursday evening, according to a statement from the Barron County Sheriff’s Department.

She was found malnourished and dirty, after escaping her captor from a rural home near Gordon, Wisconsin, a town about 66 miles north of her home, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said. Also, a man yet to be identified by police that is believed to be a suspect linked to the case was arrested right after she was found. Police gave no other details about her condition but they were due to hold a news conference later on Friday.

Kristin and Peter Kasinskas are the ones that made the call to 911 saying they have found Jayme Closs. They said a neighbor came at their door with a skinny, dirty girl asking them to call 911. Their neighbor is Jeanne Nutter, who stated she was walking her dog when “the girl just came out of the woods,” then she took Jayme to a neighbor’s home and they called authorities.

The Kasinkas’ said Jayme was quiet and showed little emotion. She stayed at their home for about 20 minutes and they gave her a blanket because she felt cold, but she declined food and water, and after police came she was taken to a hospital. They also stated that the girl did not give many details about where she was being held and by whom, but she did say she recognized the name of the suspect taken into custody, but didn’t know them.

Source: bbc.com