Moon Seeks Putin’s Help on North Korea Matters

South Korean President Moon Jae-in seeks help from Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in order to prevent the North Korean situation from getting out of control

“If we fail to stop North Korea’s provocations now, it could sink into an uncontrollable situation,” Moon said in opening remarks before a meeting with Putin in Vladivostok, Russia, on Wednesday. “I want to seek a fundamental solution to resolve the North Korea nuclear problem here.”

Putin said that he is willing to discuss about North Korea with Moon, even though, just a day earlier, he mentioned that he finds increasing sanctions “useless and ineffective.”

“There’s no point in giving into emotions and backing North Korea into a corner,” Putin said. “More than ever now we need to show restraint and avoid any steps that could escalate tensions.”

Both China and Russia hold vetoes on the United Nations Security Council, which is currently taking into considerations new sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime.

“They’ll eat grass, but they won’t abandon their program unless they feel secure,” Putin told reporters

As expected, stocks fell in most Asian markets as nations are thinking how to deal with the current North Korea’s escalating challenges.

Worrying enough is also the fact that North Korea has been seen making preparations for the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

On the other hand, president Donald Trump, who has already warned North Korea of “fire and fury” if it keeps on threatening the US, is planning to speak with Xi, the White House said in a statement. More than that, Trump has threatened to cut off trade with all the countries that do any sort of business with North Korea, which also includes China.