Nancy Pelosi is Voted House Speaker and Passes Bills to End Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi is Voted House Speaker and Passes Bills to End Shutdown

The House wants to end the shutdown but not fund President Trump’s promised wall

On the day of the 116th Congress meet the US House of Representatives vote in Nancy Pelosi as the House speaker, thus returning Democrats to take the lead after eight years of GOP control.

On their first day after officially taking control, the Democrats passed two bills to end a partial government shutdown about to enter its 14th day. The first one is for funding the Department of Homeland Security until February 8th, providing $1.3bn for border security but not for a wall. Meanwhile, the second bill is for funding shutdown federal agencies like the agriculture, transportation, commerce, and justice departments until September 30th.

But the Senate, where Republicans hold majority, will not pass these bills without Trumps endorsement which apparently they will not be getting anytime soon. President Trump made a surprise appearance at the White House briefing room on Thursday to remember everyone that he still wants his wall and will not sign anything unless it grants him that, stating that the partial shutdown will last “as long as it takes”.

After a meeting with no result between Congress leaders from both parties and the President at the White House on Wednesday, they are to meet again this Friday for another round of talks, hopefully more successful.